Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Mark Drakeford is set to launch his promises in helping lead Wales towards a greener future whilst developing and encouraging sustainable energy technologies.

The media is invited to attend – please get in touch if you would like to interview Mark Drakeford at the event.

Key policies to be launched:-

Mark Drakeford will set out how he intends to fulfill the promise to future generations by leading the way towards a ‘greener’ Wales whilst utilising the huge environmental assets of this small country.

Five top pledges to include:

  • Examining the case for a new Welsh Energy Mutual body to encourage energy efficiency and help tackle fuel poverty.
  • Taking resolute action against technologies threatening the environment – strengthening and enforcing the ban against fracking.
  • Developing an environmental growth plan to invest further in the alleviation of flooding and coastal erosion.
  • Harnessing the full range of Welsh natural resources with a continuing commitment to tidal lagoon technology.
  • Establishing an Expert Committee to advise on impact of nuclear power plants at Hinckley Point and Wylfa.

Mark Drakeford has the backing of 16 Labour Assembly Members including Cabinet Secretaries and Ministers and 9 of Wales’ MPs, plus unions including Unite and the NUM South Wales.

He is being backed by local Assembly Member Lee Waters, Llanelli….who said of Mark

‘Observing him at close quarters I feel he is somebody who combines integrity, experience, and a strong sense of purpose . He has a gut instinct for how to use power to create a fairer society.Mark isn’t eager for office for its own sake, but feels a duty to step up – to serve Wales in very difficult times.’